Lets Get Started

Welcome to the RollTheBit casino affiliate program. Our program is simple and easy to use. All affiliates can create tracker links within the affiliates platform. You must sign up and login to use the affiliates platform. Banners, logos and many more tools are available to help you succeed. Affiliates are welcome to market our brand using social networks, blogs and other marketing forums to reach their goals.


Marketing to minors or using brute force spamming methods and other illegal forms or marking is prohibited.

Rollthebit reserves the right to ban any affiliate who is practicing such tactics without notice.


 How to Signup as Affiliate user

Go to sign up on the top. click sign up and the pop up form will be displayed. Fill in the information and on the bottom make sure you check the box Signup as affiliate user. If your using the login with Facebook for sign up just make sure you check Signup as affiliate user. For players who have already registered an account go to your My-Account page and click the my account button. Once your account information is displayed simply check enable affiliate user.



 Commission & The Basics

As a affiliate your goal is to generate traffic to our site using your marketing avenues. from a novice or expert marking guru our tools and banners will help you gain traffic and in return create sign-ups! Sign-ups are flagged as users in our system and each sign-up you generate will be linked to your affiliate ID. Once a player signs in he or she will begin to place wagers on games. If the player wins that is not profit to the casino or to the affiliates marketer. If a player places a wager on a game and loses that is profit to the casino and commission to the affiliates marketer as well. You earn commission from your players wager loss (casino profit).

Commissions % (percentage) is very straight forward
. You will get a 45% commision from day one (1). What this means is from the first player you signup you will revieve a 45% commision from all your players and the life of the players. 

TIP:   Keeping up to date with our promotions and promoting them, will ensure your players stay active and enjoy our top notch games.


 Getting Paid

Payments to you is very simple. We pay all the profit from your players at the end the month before the 5th of the following month. At the end of the month your profit balance will the transfered to your user balance. Once the balance shows in your user balance you can do a instant withdrawal using Bitcoin.


For more information

Email: admin@rollthebit.io