What are Bitcoins?

Bitcoin is a digital currency that can be bought and sold like any other currency. It is an encrypted currency called a cypto-currency which makes it more secure than other online currencies. You can read more about it here.


 How do I get Bitcoins?

There are lots of bitcion wallet services to choose from. Here is a short list to start out, indacoin.combitpay.com, coinbase.comspectrocoin.com. Please research to find the best match for your use. If you want to purchase bitcoins instantly with your credit card just use our BUY BTC link at the top and start winning today.


 How do I Deposit?

Sign-up and login to your account. Once you are logged into your account choose "My Account" copy the address that is displayed (casino wallet address). Go to your bitcoin wallet such as blockchain.info login select deposit past our casino wallet address into the address space and send. this should be fairly quick around 10 to 30 minutes. Once the deposit is recieved on our end your balance will be updated.


 How secure is my money?

Here at Rollthebit we use the latest technology and staff our engineering teams with Sr. level security experts. All transaction are encrypted and protected at all times. Playing our casino games can be done with confidence. Each players account is seperate allowing further security processes to be taken. Giving the player the instant withdrawal they demand and protection they deserve.

Note: Our bitcions are stored in cold storage (offline). We keep a calculated amount online to cover the daily wagers and withdrawals.


 What are the minimums?

The minimum deposit is 1 mBTC or 0.001 Bitcions. There is a 1 mBTC or 0.001 minimum Bitcoin withdrawal. Players can withdrawal from their balance at any time.


 If you still have further questions?

Email: admin@rollthebit.io