How do I Sign-up or login?

Social one time click sign up. On the top right navigation bar click Sign Up. A sign up form will pop up. You can click the  thats it! Your account is created and you will be automatically signed in. If you do not want to sign up with the social sign up feature. Click Sign Up fill in your nickname, email address and password information. Check the over 18 box and check the affiliates box if you plan to be an affiliates partner with rollthebit. Next click submit -- a message appears "email verfication has been sent". You will need to check your email inbox and click the activation link. Once clicked you will be directed back to the site and automatically signed in.

How to login in. Very simple on the top right nav bar click Login. A login form will pop up. simple click login with facebook or enter in your Email ID and password. Next click submit and you will be logged into the site.


 How do I view my balance?

To view your balance login to the site and your balance is displayed at the top | balance 1890.00 | My account | Quick Deposit | Logout if you click on the My account link futher details will be displayed within the accounts page.


 How do I deposit and withdrawal?

To do a deposit or withdrawal login and click the My Account on the top display bar. | balance 1890.00 | My account | Quick Deposit | Logout After the My accounts page is displayed you will land on the Balance Tab (highlighted in red). The Balance tab will display your Bitcoin balance. Next click the Deposit tab button this will display your unique rollthebit bitcion wallet address. We assign each player a unique wallet address for security and ability for our players to deposit and withdrawal quickly.


Next Click copy go to your wallet exchage (example: Next from your providers wallet paste in your Rollthebit wallet address and enter the amount and click send. We will post your desposit after the 1st or 2nd blockchain confirmation is recorded.

new to bitcion or just want to use a seperate wallet click here  to create a crypto-currency account that allows you to purchase bitcion with a master or visa card using one of our premiere partners. After the deposit transaction is complete your balance will be updated. Your next step is to choose a game and starting winning today.


To withdrawal your funds simply go to your My Accounts page click withdrawal enter in your wallet address. Note: the wallet address you enter is not your RollTheBit wallet address but your address from your crypto-currency provider (example: Enter in the amount you wish to withdrawal and click Withdrawal. Your funds will be posted to your wallet in a short period of time.


 Can I veiw my deposit and wager history?

Absolutely its simple, sign-up login then go to your My Accounts page. There you can view wager history, deposit history, withdrawal history and many more details can be displayed and filtered for your ease of navagation from your activity here at RollTheBit.

If your an affiliates partner go to the My Accounts page. From the balance tab click the affiliates button to navigate to the Affiliates Manager Admin page. From here you can get the tools and banner ads you need to help get your started. The affiliates admin page allows you to view your players wager history, depsit history and your profits. Many tools are provided to all affiliates so sign up and launch your online buisness today.


 I lost my password?

If you lost or forgot your passwork click the login link in the top navigation bar. The login pop up form will be displayed. Click the forgot password link on the form and an email will be sent to your registered email address with instructions on how to reset your password.


  What is 2FA?

2FA stands for two (2) factor authentication. Once your logged in navigate to your My Accounts page. Choose the My Account tab and click enable 2FA. Next with your smart phone or device open google authenticator and scan the bar code. Next type is the code provided by google authenticator and clicke activate thats it your done !


By enabling 2FA to must use your email ID, password and passcode to access your account. It is highly recommended to enable 2FA for better security when registering accounts on the internet. 


Note: If you do not have the google authenticator application you can download and install it from the google play store onto your smart phone or tablet. Google authenticator only works on the Android, Apple IOS or blackberry operating systems.


  Still have questions?