1.0 General


1.1 These Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) apply to the use of the entertainment at RollTheBit.io through any desktop portable or electronic device (You or the Player).


1.2 These T&Cs constitute an authoritative assertion amongst You and RollTheBit.io.


1.3 These T&Cs guarantee when you register an account, by doing which you accept to RollTheBit.io that you have perused these T&C and acknowledged them. By utilizing any of the Site you connote that you concur with these T&C.


1.4 You should read these T&C precisely and completely before tapping on the before accepting. In the event that you don't concur with any arrangement of these T&C you should not register or play on the site.


1.5 You completely comprehend and consent to be bound by the terms and conditions contained in this and that they cam be changed by RollTheBit.io every once in a while.


1.6 RollTheBit.io claims all authority to alter and correct this Understanding whenever with or without notice.


1.7 Tenets and clarifications with respect to the entertainment are consolidated into these T&C by reference.


2.0 Qualification To Play


2.1 You may take an interest in any of the games and entertainment if and just if:


a. You are more than eighteen (18) years old

b. It is lawful to participate in on line gaming within your residence of jurisdiction


2.2 It is totally and exclusively Your obligation and guarantee that You don't break laws pertinent to you by partaking in the games and entertainment provided by RollTheBit.io.


3.0 General Obligation for Players


3.1 You pronounce and warrant that You are more than 18 years old


3.2 You play solely for your entertainment and amusement purposes


3.3 You play our entertainment games for you benefit and not for the benefit of other individual;


3.4 All data that you share to RollTheBit.io is true and accurate


3.5 You are exclusively in charge of reporting winning and rewards for tax purpose to your appropriate tax authorities


3.6 You comprehend that by taking part in the Amusements you go out on a limb of losing Virtual Assets saved into Your Part Account;


3.7 You should not take part in any false, deceitful activities to attempt to manipulate are game strategies or systems and equipment using unlawful programs or scripting to benefit the outcome of our games. RollTheBit.io therefore maintains whatever authority is needed to nullify any bet in case of such conduct;


3.8 You understand the use of crypto currency such as bitcoin and their volatility in the open market exchange.


3.9 You are not permitted to exchange bitcoin or other cyrpto currencies to different players or to get Virtual Assets from different players into your account.


3.10 Entertainment played on Our site ought to be played in an respectful way. This implies players ought to be polite to each other and keep away from discourteous or indecent remarks.


3.11 A few conditions may emerge where a bet is placed, or an deposit/withdrawal is performed, with the use of unlawful attempt to manipulate our systems . RollTheBit.io maintains whatever authority is needed to cross out every one of the bets acknowledged as unlawful attempts against our systems.


3.12 If a player aknowleged he/she has found system errors or software bugs they will promptly report the finding to RollTheBit.io. We reserve the right to review the systems in a timely matter and if found and confirmed any loss to a playrt shall be refunded in full.


3.13 RollTheBit.io maintains whatever authority is needed to reject or limit wagers. The client is not allowed to bet a sum surpassing his/her own account limits.


3.14 RollTheBit.io maintains all authority to hold payments, if doubt or confirmation of unlawful control of the gambling platform exists. Criminal accusations will be brought against any client or whatever other person(s), who has/have gained unlawful controlled the gambling platform or endeavored to do as such. RollTheBit.io maintains all authority to end and additionally, change any amusements or occasions being offered on the Site. We maintain all authority to require some confirmation if there should be an occurrence of suspicious or deceitful exchanges.


3.15 Any profits, stores, rewards or rewards which you have picked up or collected amid such time as the Copy Record was dynamic will be relinquished by you and might be recovered by us, and you will profit to us for request any such supports which have been pulled back from the Copy Account.


3.16 RollTheBit.io maintains whatever authority is needed to announce a bet void in part or in full if RollTheBit.io, at its own carefulness, would consider it evident that any of the accompanying conditions have happened:


a. You, or individuals connected with you may specifically or in a roundabout way impact the result of our gaming platform, to get an unlawful favorable position, including utilizing trick strategies or techniques.


b. You as well as individuals connected with you are specifically or in a roundabout way maintaining a strategic unlawful attempt outside the standards of RollTheBit.io


c. The use of our systems has been specifically or in a roundabout way influenced by criminal action,


3.17 On the off chance that you are a player from US or any of its states, you won't be permitted to play genuine cash betting games including Bitcoins. US players can conduct to the use of free play only.




4.0 Your Account


4.1 The goal for you to have the capacity to place bets utilizing any of our game on the site, you should first enroll with RollTheBit.io and open a account.


4.2 You are permitted to have just a single member account. Just a single account is permitted for every household use . In the event that you endeavor to open more than one account, all records you attempt to open might be blocked or shut and any wagers might be voided. Additionally any profits, rewards or rewards which you have picked up or accumulated might be recovered by us.


4.3 You should enter all compulsory data asked for into your enrollment frame, including a substantial email address; in the event that you don't enter a legitimate email address, we will be not able help you recoup any «forgotten passwords». It is your sole obligation to guarantee that the data you give is valid, finished and remedy.


4.4 All player account shall be created with real legitimate information including email ID that can be used to communicate and active.


4.5 RollTheBit.io forbids player does not permit any sort of robots and modified gadgets to take an interest in game play. RollTheBit.io maintains whatever authority is needed to void any amusement play which comes about because of the utilization of robots or potentially customized gadgets.



5.0 Withdrawals


5.1 All Jackpot payouts over 5 BTC or more will be reviewed before before funds are credited to the player balance.


5.2 All withdrawal over 15 BTC won from jackpots will be paid in a 5 payment agreement on the 30th over every calendar month unil paid in full.


a. this payment schedule is only for winning or jackpots to that amount. If a play deposits 15 BTC or over and wants to withdrawal their funds they can do so immediately as long as the funds were not gained from a Jackpot or large bet payout.


5.3 All player acknowledge that bitcoin payout from a withdrawal out of the player account balance is monitored through the blockchain ledger and can take up to 6 confirmation for players to see their funds appear in their personal account.




6.0 Terminating Your Account


6.1 All player may close their account by contacting customer support. All funds in the player account balance will be available for withdrawal and review by Us before all transactions can be complete.


6.2 On the off chance that you don't sign onto your account by means of the web, utilizing Your «User Name» and «Password» for a time of one (1) year, all winnings might be expelled from your balance after a notice has been sent to the enlisted email address.



7.0 Protection Arrangement


7.1 You thusly recognize and acknowledge that it is essential for RollTheBit.io to gather and generally utilize Your own information with a specific end goal to permit you get to and utilization of the site and cooperation in the Amusements.


7.2 RollTheBit.io thus recognizes that in gathering Your own subtle elements as expressed in the past arrangement, We are bound by the Information Security enactment. RollTheBit.io will ensure your own data and regard your protection as per best business hones and relevant laws.


7.3 RollTheBit.io will just utilize Your own information to permit you to take an interest in the Diversions and to do operations pertinent to Your investment in the Amusements. All individuals from the staff should have admittance to Your own information with the end goal of playing out their obligations.


7.4 Your own information won't be unveiled to outsiders, unless such revelation is fundamental for handling of your solicitations in connection to Your cooperation in the Diversions. You thus agree to such activities.


7.5 We may advise you of changes, new administrations and advancements that We think You may find of interest. On the off chance that you don't wish to get our company notification you may quit such administration through the part account.



8.0 Penalties


8.1 On the off chance that You rupture any arrangement of the T&C. RollTheBit.io has a sensible ground to presume that You have broken them, RollTheBit.io stores the privilege ti close your Account, withhold installment of your winning and rewards.


8.2 All web architecture, content, design, music, sound, photos, video, the choice and game plan thereof, programming arrangements, fundamental source code, programming and all other material contained inside the Site are liable to copyright and other exclusive rights which are either claimed by us or utilized under permit from outsider partners and their copyrights as well.


8.3 By no means might the utilization of the Site give to any innovation rights (for instance copyright, know-how or trademarks) claimed by any outsider at all.


8.4 No rights at all are conceded to utilize or repeat any exchange names, trademarks or logos which show up on the Site aside from as particularly allowed as per the T&C.


9.0 Closing


9.1 The Terms and Conditions stipulated above are legally binding to all user of the site as of October first, 2016.


10.0 Wagering, Promotion and Bonus requirements


1st time deposit wager requirements


Bonus funds will be credited to your bonus balance instantly when you make your 1st deposit. The Bonus funds must be wagered 35 X times the bonus amount in the Casino before a player can request a withdrawal from the bonus funds or if the players primary balance goes to 0.0025 BTC.

All primary balance account funds must be wagered to or below 0.001 BTC before bonus funds are released and activated for wagering. Any Withdrawal on Primary account before balance of 0.001 BTC will forfeit the 1st deposit bonus.

Bonus Funds can only be wagered on the Casino Slot games.


Any attempt to abuse the bonus will be noted and bonus funds will be removed from your account. Rollthebit reserves the right to decommission your bonus funds without notice if we find abusive activities from your player account.



1st deposit bonus example

Player receives bonus at 115% match instantly on 1st Deposit. Player wagers and depletes their main funds account down to 0.001 BTC. Bonus balance will move to your main player balance. Player will now begin to play with the Bonus funds.. If bonus = (10 mBTC must wager the amount of 350 mBTC or account falls to 0.0025 BTC before withdrawal on bonus funds)


VIP random bonus

The VIP bonus is a great way to stack up your rewards. Here at Rollthebit we randomly choose players who meet the VIP stats and reward them with a bonus. Our selection process is based off the amount of wagers and deposits each player accumulates under their account. Rollthebit will perform the VIP Random Bonus rounds at the end of each month. So don't wait start your game play today.

VIP bonus funds are released in the same way as the 1st time deposit bonus.


2nd deposit

On your 2nd deposit you will recieve a 50% match up to 100 mbtc. Same Requirment need to be met as the 1st time deposit bonus


3rd deposit

On your 3rd deposit you will recieve a 25% match up to 100 mbtc. Same Requirment need to be met as the 1st time deposit bonus


VIP free round bonus

VIP free spins are awarded from our top players list each month. So as a VIP player you qualify for VIP Bonus and... FREE SPINS! 

Get you deposit in and begin your game play today to receive our awards !


Free Spin Details

All free round spins will be added after you have wagered your deposit x1 in the casino. To qualify for Free Spins on 1st, 2nd and 3rd deposits you must deposit 0.005 BTC or above. To qualify for any promotional free round spins you must meet the promotion requirements. All Promotion requirements can be found at https:www.rollthebit.io/promotions


Happy Gaming!